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Aerosol Products

Evap Foam No Rinse Coil Cleaner - 4171

  • Indoor evaporator coil cleaner
  • Foaming, No rinse, 18 oz.
  • Spray from any angle
  • Self Rinsing, Fast Breaking Foam
  • Plesent lemon scent

Evap-Fresh Disinfectant Coil Cleaner - 4166

  • Indoor evaporator coil disinfectant cleaner
  • Cleans and deodorizes in one easy step
  • EPA registered for the HVAC application
  • No rinsing required, 18 oz.
  • Eliminates odors
  • Cuts grease and grime

Nu-Blast Condenser Coil Cleaner - 4290

  • Outdoor condenser coil cleaner
  • No rinse 18 oz
  • High solvency cleaning power
  • Non-conductive and Non-flammable
  • Pleasant odor

Nu-Foam® Insulation Foam - 4293

  • Expanding & Insulating sealant
  • 352 linear feet for a 9 oz can
  • Tack free in 30 minutes, dries in 4 hours
  • No CFC'S or HCFC's

Pipe Dry Insulation Spray - 4297

  • Cold pipe insulation spray
  • Use in those hard to reach areas
  • Provides a moisture barrier to stop sweating and dripping on refrigeration lines, cold water lines, and other cold surfaces
  • Quicky dries to a hard water proof coating
System Protection
easy seal

Easy Seal - 4050

  • Prevents leaks and seals exising leaks in A/C systems
  • Eliminate the expensive leak search and repair
  • Travels with refrigerant to find leaks fast
  • Works with most refriferants including R-22 and R-410A
  • One 3 oz can treats a 1.5 to 5 ton system
  • One 1.5 oz can treats up to a 1.5 ton system

easy dry

Easy Dry - 4051

  • Eliminates moisture in residential and commercial systems
  • Treats up to 5 ton systems
  • Compatible with all oils and refrigerants
  • Prevents acid from forming

rx11 flush

Rx11 Freon Flush Starter Kit - 4300

  • HFC solvent based flush is ozone-safe, non-toxic, non-flammable
  • Flush away sludge, carbon residues, oils, acids, water
  • Is ideal for system flushing after burnouts, retrofits and R410A conversions
  • Kit includes: 1-lb flush can, Gun, Hose, and Injection Valve

rx11 flush can

Rx11 Freon Flush - 4300

  • Replacement flush comes in 1-lb and 2-lb cans

Rx-Acid Scavenger - 4301

  • Acid Neutralizer for air conditioning & refrigeration systems
  • For compressor burnout
  • For system maintenance
  • Eliminate acid build up and system moisture
  • Use with mineral, alkylbenzene and POE oils
  • 2 fluid ounces treats 1 gallon of oil
Coil Cleaners

Tri Clean 2x Spray Coil Cleaner - 4372

  • Outdoor condenser coil cleaner - 1 quart w/ hose connector
  • One bottle cleans up to three 5 ton coils
  • Use on Micro Channel & Fin Coils
  • Good for Residential and Commercial coils
  • Simply connect to hose, clean, and turn the sprayer head to rinse.
  • Restores system efficiency by rapidly emulsifying insulating soils from outdoor coil
  • Metal safe, biodegradable chemistry
  • No sprayer required - eliminating sprayer prep time and cost of sprayer maintenance

Evap Pow'r Coil Cleaner - 4168

  • Indoor evaporator coil - 1 gallon
  • No rinse, Biodegradable and USDA approved
  • Cleans and emulsifies stubborn soils and deposits
  • Metal safe... will not harm coil's metal surfaces
  • Alkaline, near neutral pH formulation
  • Best used in a 3:1 ratio with water

Nu Brite Coil Cleaner - 4291

  • Outdoor condenser coil cleaner - 1 gallon
  • Non acid foaming and brightening coil cleaner
  • Cuts through grease, dirt and grime better than acids
  • Biodegradable and USDA approved
  • Best used in a 3:1 ratio with water
  • Rinse with water after 10 minutes for best results
Gas Leak Detection

Cal Blue Gas Leak Detector Spray - 4182

  • High viscosity formulation to enhance contact time
  • Long-lasting bubbles, 1 quart spray bottle
  • Non-corrosive
  • Will not affect Ultraviolet (black) lights
  • Oxygen-safe
  • Can be used at temperatures over 220ºF.
  • Outstanding freeze-protection- 5ºF
Insulation Products

Cork Insulation Tape - 4217

  • Used in the Air Conditioning and Refrigeration industrys
  • Helps to prevent sweating and condensing
  • Can be applied as low as -30F and as high as 200F
  • 2" x 1/8" x 30'

Perma Wrap Foam Insulation Tape - 4218

  • High quality closed cell foam tape
  • Self adhesive for a more secure bond
  • Use on cold water pipes, chilled and refrigerant lines
  • Use on iron pipe and copper tubing, & valves, tees, fittings
  • Service temps as low as -20Fand as high as 160F
  • 2" x 1/8" x 30'
Speciality Products

Complete Care Mini-Split Kit

  • Cleans, disinfects and deodorizes
  • Controls mold and mildew
  • Disinfectant against Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella enterica and Pseudomonas aeruginosa
  • Protects condensate pans and lines
    from plugging
  • Treats 2-3 Mini-Splits

Thermo Trap Gel - 4371

  • Heat Sink Gel absorbs heat
  • Spray on - prevents heat transfer to protected area
  • Apply to copper, steel or other pipe surfaces
  • Cleans up easly, Odorless, 100% biodegradable
  • 32 oz spray bottle

Thermo Trap Paste - 4371

  • Heat Sink Pastes absorbs heat
  • Apply to area to protect from heat transfer
  • Apply to copper, steel or other pipe surfaces
  • Cleans up easly, Odorless, 100% biodegradable
  • 11 oz tube

pH-Treat Neutralizer - 4720

  • Neutralizes Condensate from High Efficiency Furnaces, Boilers, and Tankless Water Heaters
  • Contains special media to raise the pH to near neutral
  • Temperature range 40F to 100F
  • Pressure range 0-125 psi

Humidi-Treat - 4190

  • Designed for humidifiers using up to 25 gallons per day
  • Inhibits scale for 1 season
  • Install a new Humidi-Treat before each heating season
  • Uses John Guest fittings
  • Operating temp: 40F to 80F

Seal Loc - 4350

  • Seals plastic and metal threads
  • Use with a wide variety of liquid and gases
  • No cure time requred, Soft-Set
  • Temperature range: -50F to 400F
  • 1.1 fl. oz tube


Scrubs In A Bucket - 4366

  • Waterless hand cleaner towel
  • 80 count bucket

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